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Luna Trick Discography

Prophetic Guesses Songs: Feel, Chinese Whispers, Night Healer, All Fronts, Internal, On the Plea Shore, Magic Shadow, Marooned,
The Potter's Wheel, Secret Rage, Song to the Womb, Decades into Days, Unholy, Lost Circus, To Me a Star.


"This is the best Luna Trick yet!" (Blog Review)

"Prophetic Guesses" is the fourth album from classically trained English multi-instrumentalist Daniel Staniforth, trading under the name Luna Trick. Loosely categorised as "gothic rock", and nicely dark and dense it is in places.

It also displays a nice diversity of musical styles without becoming a dog’s breakfast. Staniforth’s resonant vocals, which are pitched somewhere between Scott Walker and Kevin Ayers, and sometimes pyrotechnic guitar are both prominently showcased.

Over 15 tracks there is a great game of "spot-the- influence" to be played (you can then score yourself against the list on the web link) and it is possible to imagine certain established artists successfully covering much of what’s on offer here.

This is a fine effort that deserves its share of commercial success and critical recognition. Well done, chap!"
(Terrascope, November)

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Artwork: Susan Flowers
Cover Photo: Anthony Pidgoen

Recorded late 2008 in Lafayette, CO.
Released on September 9, 2009


Hoar Frost Sheen Songs:  Wager, Orthodox Killers, Boyhood Winter, Tears in Vino, Midas in Reversal, Magdelena, Dawn Cycle,
Mountain Mystic, Legend of Mortlake, Ice Flower, Suffer the Fool, Babbla.


"With solid grooves and biting lyrics. Staniforth takes on both political and religious issues - delivering a diverse range of songs that are one minute industrial/electronica - and dreamy psychedelia the next." (Amazon Review)

"Moody, sometimes dark and distant, and always beautiful music created by Luna Trick, AKA, Daniel Staniforth." (Amazon Review)

"In his second CD release, Daniel stands solid in the middle of a storm. His vocals highlight a range of emotions, as do the lyrics." (Amazon Review)

Peer Reviews (musician sites): 

"Oozing with talent!"

"The songs and especially the lyrics are killer..." 

"...right of the bat, got me. very cool compositions. damn good job all over!"

"Production is top notch ... instruments rock ..... .lyrics are intelligent and well sung." 

"This music is full of suprising turns and exquisite harmonies." 

"Very dark and clean sounding."

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Artwork: Susan Flowers
Recorded early 2007 in Oxford, OH
Released on April 7, 2008


Total Submersion Songs: I Never Thought, Double Yearn, The Tale of Three Ribbons, Eyes of a Stranger, Re-gifted, Jacobite, Sunburn,
The Swimmer & the Siren, Messianic, The Sneak, Days After, Candid Campfire, Stream of Destiny, Underwater Promise.


"Luna Trick effectively marries many influences- think trip hop, glam goth, pre- Let's Dance Bowie, Nine Inch Nails industrial…" (Amazon Review) 

"It will fit nicely in between your copy of The Cure's Pornography and Cocteau Twins' Garlands."
(Amazon Review) 

"This CD is so full of interesting songs, musical diversity, and stunning imagery - it's hard to believe that it's the work of one guy."  (Amazon Review)

"This should appeal to people who like the new wave revival going on in alternative circles - or those that go for dark and dreamy." (Amazon Review) 

"… if you're looking for a CD that blends rock, funk, indie, and electronic, this is it." (Amazon Review)

"At first listen, I fell for the NIN sound, and then I listened again finding threads of so many of my favorite bands like the Cure, David Bowie. This is old school new wave meshed with the best of today’s sounds. Buy this CD!" (CD Baby Review) 

"I love this CD. It is a great mix of different musical styles."
(CD Baby Review)

Peer Reviews (musician sites): 

"Engaging beat. Balanced mix. Cool, effected vox." 

"Sublime lyrics and production."

"It is a tight, driving thing. So crisp" 

"The vocals and lyrics are creepy and dark and work really well with the music groove." 

"…a nice mysterious sound. the instruments create a nice sense of space." 

"lovely energy, so much going on! lyrics, vox, music, everything's just great."

"This is a very interesting work. . .eclectic and brooding. interesting melody and rhythmic twists!"

"Amazing rich beat, powerful tracks!! Blows me away…"

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Artwork: Susan Flowers
Recorded late 2006 in Oxford, OH.
Released on March 21, 2008

Download Albums:


    The Guessing Prophet Outtakes


    Ten Outtakes from the Prophetic Guesses recording sessions - with all the usual Luna stylings and more!


Moonbather's Glory
(Dream nth)

    A side project album of blistering Alt-Rock polemics as well as more tender fare by Daniel Staniforth and Jude D'Silva. Some Luna Trick signatures can be heard as well as other unique departures.


Fade with the Light
A multi-genre alternative project by Mark Deskin and Daniel Staniforth - also features Rebsie Fairholm, Omar Nasr, Ramona Graham, Aaron Deskin and Barb Flowers-Radell. From Jump and Jive to Lush pop - this collection has it all.

An electronica compilation from Luna Trick & Friends, featuring Rebsie Fairholm, Rune Storkaas, EZamor, YosL, Shadow of Nine, Boris Luxx, Michael 2, Skean, and particle dots. Hypnotic beats and searing melodies traverse a number of poetric subjects.


A compilateion of early 4-Track recordings that were distributed on cassette under the monker, Luna Sea, from 1989-1993. Gritty, experimental and Raw!

A five song EP of Luna Trick tracks with
Beat Wizard, Sam Hatzaridis, of Ectoplasm. Electronic Darkwave meets Industrial Dirge. Postmortem Lullabies abound....

A second compilation from Luna Trick & Friends, this time featuring more standard Rock instrumentation. Collaborators include Boss Hook, Pharmakeus, Outtaorbit, Ridd Sorenson (from Satellite Tragedy), Vic Holman, Kevin 'Bud' Jones, Vegetal, Lupiroz, Particledots, Alan McPike and Michael Jay Klein. Driving & poignant songs for our modern age - with one or two surprises.
An all New album from Luna Trick, full of multi-instrumental experimentation, eclectic songs, and dark and poetic arrangements for the tormented soul...